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Make a Connection for a Cure!

As a Champion Against MS, you are a critical part of the fight against MS!

Mission: To connect people living with MS with bike MS participants in order to foster education, awareness, gratitude and, most importantly, HOPE!

Who: bike MS cyclists & People living with MS

What: Both the event participant and the person living with MS are our CHAMPIONS. A bandana will be the symbol of Champions Against Multiple Sclerosis. During the bike ride, Champion cyclists will wear this bandana, signed by their Champion, to signify that they are riding for person with MS. This bandana is a visual reminder of the ultimate and true reason for the bike MS: to end the devastating effects of MS!

How: Cyclists can register as a Champion Against MS while registering for the bike ride. Those riders who already have someone they would like to rider for will be partnered up with that person as their champion. For riders who do not have a person to ride for, the NMSS will pair them up with a person living with MS as their champion.

Communication between the two Champions will begin soon after the cyclist is registered. This initial communication will be a postcard. Champions are encouraged to send their partners a note introducing themselves. Before, during and/or after the bike MS, Champions living with MS will call their partner to say "hello" and offer encouragement for the bike ride. On the day of the event, it is strongly recommended that both Champions attend at least a portion of the event to meet each other. There will be a Hope Tent set-up at the finish line on both days, and this will be the best place to meet each other.

For more information, or to register to be a Champion Against Multiple Sclerosis, please contact:

Brandie Engelberger
(201) 967-5599 x214


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